111 Broadway, Suite 503
(212) 952-9355
Monday: 12pm to 8pm
Tuesday: 10am to 8pm
Thursday: 10am to 8pm
Friday: 10am to 8pm

301 Madison Avenue, 5th floor
(212) 684-4325
Tuesday: 10am to 8pm
Thursday: 10am to 8pm
Saturday: 10am to 3pm

150 East 58th Street, 14th floor
(212) 776-9355
Monday: 10am to 8pm
Wednesday: 10am to 8pm
Friday: 10am to 8pm

16 East 52nd Street, Suite 502
(212) 371-9355
Monday: 10am to 8pm
Tuesday: 10am to 8pm
Thursday: 10am to 8pm

Who We Are

MaxWell Medical is one of the best medical care facilities in New York with experienced health professionals whose mission is to provide personalized attention to patients. We are the expert in pain-relieving therapies and rehabilitation. We offer different solutions to improve your health with pain relieving treatments to improve the quality of your life. That is why we put at your service a magnificent portfolio of professionals to evaluate your symptoms and provide the best medical treatments.

The best treatment and the best diagnosis go hand in hand with MaxWell Medical. Here you can find the most advanced techniques for pain diagnosis, evaluation, and therapies. We provide personal support at all times, giving you all the information you need.

MaxWell Medical strives to provide its patients with relief from the pain caused by their hectic lifestyle. Our highly esteemed and professional staff is focused on delivering the best medical care possible for the individuals and corporate clients in the most comfortable way.


  • Excellence in healthcare in our private clinics
  • Teamwork as a key to providing improved patient care
  • The consideration of the user as the center of our activity
  • The efficiency in the use of the resources that we have in our therapy clinics
  • Innovation, both at the level of human resources, medical equipment and technology
  • The orientation towards the continuous improvement of the quality of our therapy centers


MaxWell Medical has been providing the best medical services through its various massage clinics in New York. Thanks to its multidisciplinary team of medical specialists of the highest level and of recognized prestige, MaxWell Medical offers the best comprehensive treatments for different conditions. Whether you are experiencing neck stiffness, shoulder spasm or a sharp pain in your back, you can contact our best therapy clinics where you can receive extensive care including deep tissue massage, therapeutic massage, acupuncture, sports medicine, and trigger point therapy for maximum physical wellness.


We have the best medical facilities that allow our patients to access the most innovative treatments with very effective sessions that facilitate the optimal recovery of the injury. All of our physicians, therapists, acupuncturists and sports medicine specialists attend to patients from various insurance companies. This allows us to offer patients a continuity of care and medical attention.